The story thus far…

Between four and five months ago I ran across a website. It was about polytheist religions. I discovered reconstructionism. I knew about Asatru, but I didn’t really realize that there were other Reconstructionist religions. So, I thought. Then I googled. There She was: Kemetic Reconstructionism.

I quickly found what is, thus far, my favorite blog. Only a small amount of research showed that this was something I’d never noticed wanting, needing… I’m not really sure which. Regardless, it was something I wanted to do. So I started reading and reading and reading some more. I devoured that blog, found the Kemetic roundtable and even bought a couple of books.

Sometime along the way I found the Kemetic Orthodoxy. The KO, as I will be calling it, is a Kemetic Temple. I think they consider themselves more revivalist than reconstructionist, and they borrow other African beliefs to fill in some holes.

Even so, I decided to take their beginner’s class. I even waited the suggested four days before sending in the application. You know, to contemplate such a big decision. Not that taking the beginner’s class is life altering, but the prospect of converting certainly could be.

I have completed said beginner’s class. I knew before I finished the class that I at least want to stay on as a remetj. I’m still considering whether or not I want to convert. I’m going to take every opportunity to learn more as a remetj.
Thus far I’m leaning towards converting. I really like senut. And I really like the idea of fellowship but if the temple cannot support my spiritual needs then there’s not much point in joining, is there?

So, I’m currently awaiting my status change with the temple. My personal practice is somewhat lacking. I need both a more consistent practice and, frankly, I still need to learn a lot. In particular I need to figure out the ritual structure used in AE, as well as just learning more mythology, commonly used language and other bits of knowledge useful in writing my own rituals.

As far as consistency goes, at least for now, that is going to be a difficult. I currently live with my family and am expected to conform to their schedule. There is also relatively little privacy and my room is considerably cramped.
Despite this I am attempting to perform senut at least once a week, allowing myself flexibility regarding which day on which to do it. The flexibility seems to be helpful even if it isn’t ideal.

I’m not sure what else I should include in this initial post. Currently, that seems to me to be the meat of it. I’m sure there are details I missed and I’m sure I’ll get to tell you more in time…


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