On a New Deck

So I’m waiting for a new tarot deck (and a record) to come in the mail. Why am I buying a new tarot deck? Well, I’ve had my only other deck for years. Something like seven years, I think, a pretty long time. It just hasn’t been working for me the way it used to. Somewhere along the way, the tarot deck began to fight me.

So I decided to get a new deck. I decided on the Motherpeace Round deck. I hope I picked a deck I can get along with. I think the deck and I will work well together.

I’m just a bit worried. I think this deck will be a bit more akin to the “regular” tarot. Hopefully that will help me.

I love a couple of things about this deck. I love the shape. I love the diversity. I love the simple aesthetic.

I am going to work on my divination. I just hope I can figure out a few things. Discernment would be the big one. Possibly how to get myself into a trance. I don’t know. I feel like I don’t know how this stuff works anymore.

Everything is just a bit more mysterious to me. Everything is just a bit more mundane. Things that used to make sense to me don’t anymore. I think a lot of it is just the reality of the times we are living in nowadays.

It’s just a bit different than it used to be. It’s really become the rat race people have made it out to be. Everyone has to worry about money. It’s hard if any part of you is different.

That stuff has become a reality for me. Life is hard when you’re faced with reality. No wonder most people lose their connection with the divine. How is there even time for religion?

I guess we have to make time. And maybe we need to dream. Reality is tough. Maybe we need that other world. Maybe divination will prove to be a way to tap into this other world. I’m not sure. But I am willing to try.


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