I’m trying to keep this blog strictly about Kemetic subjects. But there is one thing that effects both my practice and my work on this blog. That would be depression, or in my case, bipolar depression. Depression is just so hard to work around. It permeates through your entire life, dragging you and your dreams down. It saps your motivation. Depression is a constant battle just to stay alive, let alone working on anything “extra”. So when I don’t post for extended amounts of time, keep in mind. This blog is only one aspect of my life , a new and, at least for the moment, small part of it. I struggle with depression. I’m also trying to work on myself in other ways. I’m in therapy. I may be starting a jobs program soon, in hopes of obtaining employment. Now that the weather is turning nice, I may want to try to work on my activity level. As I am a bit more sedentary than I would really like. So I kind of have a lot on my plate. Mind you that’s not really all of it , but rather my personal bit. I also have family stuff to deal with. I need to try to work on my art more. I have a lot of things I need to do, unfortunately my depression effects most of my needs an wants. So if you notice large gaps in my posting schedule, now you know. I haven’t died (most likely), I’ve just been busy and/or depressed.


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