That’s how things have been in my life lately. I just have a whole bunch of stuff going on at once and it’s hectic. I’ve been focusing on more mundane matters and it’s taking away from my practice. I haven’t got the time for fancy rituals. I’ve been busy trying to get a job and  focusing on photography. Instead I’ve been trying to keep things simple. I give offerings once in awhile. And I try to pray but  I’m having a hard time. I’m going to start trying to meditate. I also need to work on my other practice. I’m trying to practice a more secular form of witchcraft. It is a learning experience. I’ve learned a lot of false information. I’ve been trying to relearn more accurate information. Since most of the information that is incorrect is religious in nature I’ve decided to remove the religious element. Secular witchcraft seems to be a lot less restraining. I’m digging both the Kemetic and the witchcraft communities on tumblr. I’ll try to post a tiny bit more frequently.


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