update: oracle deck

So, I’ve been doing better since my last post. I haven’t done anything really formal but I have been giving offerings and praying. Prayer is still hard for me. I still have that atheist mindset. Its still hard for me to believe. But the Netjeru have shown me signs when I asked. Even repeated such actions when I asked them to do so. So, yeah. No ambiguity there. 

I have been working though. I made an oracle deck. Almost finished. Just need a symbol (or the hieroglyphs) for the Eye of Ra. So once I get that card finished, the deck will be finished too (at least for now.)

I’ve posted pictures on my tumblr and on my other blog, ideartion. So I won’t be posting pictures on here just yet. I will probably do so when I decide to do some readings with the deck. You know, to make sure it functions properly. 

I’ll probably be posting on here a lot more often. I’m mainly on mobile and the mobile site doesn’t function well. However, the app functions much, much better. And it is, in fact, in the app that I’m writing this today. Much better functionality. 

So… I decided to post an update. 


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