I’m thinking of approaching other Netjeru I’m not familiar with. I’m thinking maybe Hethert-Nut. I’m just rather nervous. I’ve found Ra approachable enough. I’m just not too sure about the other Netjeru. My die told me they wouldn’t be easy to approach. So there’s that. I don’t know what level of formality to use. I don’t really know much about Her. I just know I need to connect with Someone more feminine. I really want to find a way to work on being okay with that aspect of myself. I also feel indebted to Her already for being the mother of my God. I also feel a kinship with the night sky. Maybe it’s all of my akhu shining down from Her belly. Maybe it’s something more, maybe it’s something less. I don’t really know yet. But I want to try to work past my anxiety and push my boundaries a little bit. 


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