This is a brief and not particularly well organized glossary of terms you may see used on this blog.

AE – Ancient Egypt
KO – Kemetic Orthodoxy
Kemetic – of or pertaining to ancient Egypt
Reconstructionism – a religious movement seeking to recreate or revive a dead religion
Dua – praise/adoration
Nini/nyny – Hello
Senebty – Goodbye (lit. Be healthy)
Em hotep – Hello (lit. Come in peace)
Remetj – “the people”, a friend of the faith in KO
Shemsu – a convert to KO, they have taken a vow to serve their “parent” deity/ies
Senut – “shrine”, KO’s central rite
Heka – Egyptian magick, “authoritative speech”; also a god embodying this concept
Ma’at – the Egyptian concept of rightness, order and justice; often translated as balance by modern kemetics; also a goddess embodying the concept
Netjer – a god; the divine energy/spark
Netjeru – plural of Netjer, frequently used to mean the ancient Egyptian gods as a whole
Netjeri – non-human spirit; sometimes analogous to demigods, sometimes more like a nature spirits or faeries